About us

‘Does it come in black?’ 

Is this the question you have been asking every sales assistant for the last 10 years!? 

Our answer is always, HECK YES IT DOES! 

Let our dresses be your black canvases (blank canvases – get it?).  

inBLACK. makes dresses you can wear to any and every occasion with a simple lippy change or accessory switch up.  

inBLACK. is uncomplicated easy wardrobe staples that will make you feel f*cking amazing.

By the way, we’ve cut out swing tags. Let’s be honest you were going to throw it away anyway. We are saving you and the environment. 

Who is "we?" 

Oh Hi – we are Aimee and Jess the movers and shakers behind inBLACK. In other words we are unicorns. No, we don't sh*t glitter but we do make damn good dresses.  

Combined we have over 20 years (10+10) experience working in the fashion industry in Australia and Overseas. Aimee is the spreadsheet queen that keeps everything running smoothly and Jess is the tech savvy graphics guru. Although we both wear many hats behind the scenes, every season we come together to design our prints and dresses. (you might say we are the perfect pair.) 🍐🍐

We are busy women who need easy yet amazing wardrobe staples. So, began our journey to create a more versatile wardrobe for us and our friends. We were always asking the question, "does it come in Black?" (because we all know black is the new black) 

We want you to use our clothes as your canvas, show us your style and become more confident in the person you are.  

Head to our blog and checkout our introductory movie.

Aimee and Jess the designers from inBLACK. the label

Aimee (left) and Jess (right)👯